Slice of Life 2 UP!

Hey guys!
I loved ALL of my feedback about what sort of things you might be looking for in stories. You gave me a LOT to think about and to plan.

Thank you!

I've been rewriting and editing For the Love of Compromise. It was originally on the Dirty Little Secrets portion of the Jovi Fan Forum as part of their Temptation series. I wasn't quite happy with the results so it's getting a major overhaul. Editing...it's a sickness.

So...give it a try, see what you think.

For the Love of Compromise


Anonymous said...

Hey Tara how about posting one of these to see us through the drought, PUHLEEEZE :)

Judith said...

Chris is right...LOL
when do you post more here, or better finish some of those stories you didn´t on the board??? Hmmm????

I see you´re bored enough to make another blog layout :D even if it´s amazing, I need someting new to read! *muah*

TaraLeigh said...

Yes--all of the Bella and Jon stories are getting revamped. LOL I've just got too many stories going, man! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hurry!! need some love here. how bout a chapter two for the love of compromise!!

Anonymous said...

Please put up something to fill the void in my brain!! i love your writing

TaraLeigh said...

Oh man--that made me laugh. I'm a little hip deep in Tessa, then Bella will get my undivided attention, I promise.

Home is nearing it's end then all I'll have is the Bella and Jon exploits to entertain you with.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
Now that home has ended...do you think that maybe we could get the next chapter for this lovely couple ????

Please and Thank you