Is there anything you guys have ever wanted to read about...that's never been written, or you'd just like a different take on things?

These two give me the option to try a bunch of different things.

Just wondering.


Diane said...

I love your stories. I think you do a great job of writing what people like. As for me I always like children or an unexpected baby written in. My sister-in-law teases me cause I like the scenario of a child a few years old that the father knows nothing about being discovered by a chance meeting with the mother on the street. She likes a cocky, sure of himself (hmm, do we know someone like that) guy that has the attitude of this is me, I aint changing for you, if you don't like it you don't have to fuck me. Then he turns into the big loveable teddy bear when the girl gets under his skin and he falls for her. Anyway, I hope this is the kind of feed back you were looking for. This is such a wonderful escape for me. I love my husband and children, but need this in my life. Kind of like escaping to the movies, only I don't have to get a baby sitter. My hubby is more of the Richie type (which is great), but a part of me craves the Jon type. I think that is why I'm so drawn to him. Always wanting what we can't have. Thanks for what you do. You are great at it.

TaraLeigh said...


First of all...you have a Richie? Man, does he have a brother? hehehe Possibly a brother from a different mother like Jon? LOL

Baby capers, huh? Man, are you sure you like my work? LOL!

I don't do very well with the kid end of things, but I do like to play with ALPHA Jonny. LOL That's for sure.

Although, if you like the baby theme I strongly urge you to pick up a Harlequin/Silhouette book. www.eharlequin.com has some amazing books on their roster that would be RIGHT up your alley.

Thank you so much for the feedback. That idea would be great for another one of my spinoffs.

Part of the fun of FF is the escapism. If EVERY guy was like Jon, there's be a whole lot of women out there...well, probably crazy satisfied, but also VERY worn out. ;)

I'm willing to take the chance tho!

diane said...

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I do have a Richie. He's a local celebrity of sorts. Knows everyone wherever we go, kisses babies, keeps everyone laughing, and yes, has the women eating out of the palm of his hand. Sometimes I want to puke, but I have to keep reminding myself that all of this is part of the reason I fell in love with him. If they only knew his secrets. I'm sure Dot feels like this to some extent. Only on a much larger scale. Thanks again. I so need another chapter of Home. Tell me now. Should I just start over at chapter 1 or will it be soon? I'm dying here.

Anonymous said...

I love that statement... making it work is what counts. That is profound. You know how to get the reader's attention and keep it.
Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Stories mostly portray the man as the cheater, where in the rule book did it say only the guy gets to cheat? So what he is HRH Jon Bon Jovi?

TaraLeigh said...

Thank you - I try to keep your attention. It's not quite as hard when the man is lookin' like THAT. ;) But no, seriously, I appreciate it. I like repeat readers best.

And Summer - Dahling...LMAO!
Hmm...would that be writing a story from Dot's POV? or as Bella cheating?


Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah in my twisted head it would be fun to write/read the whole plot of Bella - or any other female lead - cheat on HRH. It's a subject not written often so why the hell not!

When are you gonna finish FanFic Mania? After november maybe? pretty please with a hip freckle on top?!

TaraLeigh said...


I guess my HEA (happily ever after) gene doesn't let me do the cheat thing easily.

But...watch for a new story sometime this winter. An idea that's been brewing is in the beginning writing stages that isn't quite the normal TaraLeigh type of fiction.

A little darker on the all around. To the point where HRH (His Royal Hotness for those that don't know the lingo. LOL) may not exactly be the beloved character he normally is.

He is--after all--only a man.


Anonymous said...

Are you refering to your TD era story idea you talked about?

And who says cheating has to lead to MEA? That is Miserable Ever After for those that don't know the lingo :-p

Anonymous said...

Hey Tara how about updating this portion of the site with those Jon and Bella Buscuits that I know you have hidden away. Needing a fix girl.

SoulGirl said...

You pose an interesting question here Ms Tara Leigh. What would we like? LOL.

I have to agree with Diane's post about the escapism and part of me always dreams about having that Jon in my life, the one you so well write Tara too.

Hmm a Bella and Jon baby? well you'd have to do that right at the end lol... but I do agree I'd love to see her have one, one day.

Summer is right too, its always the JON that has the affair, but nooo don't make Bella do that. I'd cry. But I agree it's an interesting thought..as for the winter story... hehe I hear its going to be a goody ;)

I guess the only idea I could be interested is how Jon would handle his girl's fame... like if she REALLY got famous. We all know he protects his family and wife in RL from it all.. but with Bella you could explore her fame as an author... or something.

But I do look forward to wherever you take them, as I think you've started something here. I know you have for me *muah*