Slice of Life 2 UP!

Hey guys!
I loved ALL of my feedback about what sort of things you might be looking for in stories. You gave me a LOT to think about and to plan.

Thank you!

I've been rewriting and editing For the Love of Compromise. It was originally on the Dirty Little Secrets portion of the Jovi Fan Forum as part of their Temptation series. I wasn't quite happy with the results so it's getting a major overhaul. Editing...it's a sickness.

So...give it a try, see what you think.

For the Love of Compromise



Is there anything you guys have ever wanted to read about...that's never been written, or you'd just like a different take on things?

These two give me the option to try a bunch of different things.

Just wondering.



Hi guys!

There's been a little part of me that sometimes hides away from HOME. Tessa and her little space in Red Bank, NJ was my first foray into sharing my work with the scary land of bloggers, but sometimes...well. The story is SO huge at this point that it can feel overwhelming.

When I need a little space from Tessa, Jon and the gang I tend to fall back on a little character named Isabella. Well, my Jon muse likes to call her Izzy. It infuriates her (secretly she loves it. LOL) and amazes her that she ended up falling for a man like Jon.

Bella (that's what I call her) meets Jon in December of 2007 with a lighthearted Christmas story...shhh. I know that's how HOME started! LOL But there's something about the wonder of Christmas that I just can't stop myself from writing about.

Bella's an author of a set of novels with a kickass Vampire Slayer by the name of McKenzie Krogan with her hot vamp, Alex St. John. An homage to my two favorite vampire shows. The much adored, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and gone too soon, Moonlight.

The series of stories that follow will go through the trials and tribulations of being in love with a man like Jon Bon Jovi. These are MOSTLY lighthearted and fun. There's a few moments of madness because...well, it is me. LOL

So, I'll stop babbling now and put up the links. Look to your Left.